5 Reasons Why Your Workflow Sucks Without Imagenomic Portraiture

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July 10, 2017

5 Reasons Why Your Workflow Sucks Without Imagenomic Portraiture


Whether you are a professional photographer or not, using plugins that will save you time and provide quality results is essential. You don’t need to use the old-fashioned Photoshop’s tools to smooth skin and process photos, as they will consume a lot of time, so the Imagenomic Portraiture should be the right choice. However, it can last forever while processing your images without this plugin and we will show you what the most common reasons are.

1. Complicated interface vs. Simple presets

The interface can be a bit overwhelming and is not easy to get it at first, so spending a lot of time trying to crack it can turn out to be a real nuisance for any photographer, especially the ones who have a ton of work. The pre-defined presets have various levels of smoothing, and you can also save any preset you like for a particular skin color, thanks to its one-click effects.

2. Preview Window

The plugin has a useful preview window that allows you to compare the original image vs. the filtered version, but instead of choosing the “Accurate” option, you must opt for “Fast Preview”. The former one tends to dramatically slow down the process, but provides more accuracy, while the latter one is made to give you the quick insight and save you the precious time.

3. Parameter Bracketing

Although it has its limitations and is not perfect, this bracketing feature is easy to use and will come handy as you can change and modify the values of the parameter several times. Many other Photoshop plugins don’t have this option, and that’s why the Imagenomic Portraiture is different.

4. A lot of enhancement features

Besides the feature that smoothens the skin, this plugin has other useful features that will implement your photos and save you time. The two most effective are the “brightness” and “warmth”. Brightness is essential in modifying the curve levels on a skin tone mask, while warmth can make the skin look redder or bluer, depend on the situation and for what exactly you’re planning to use it.


5. Powerful masking tool

It allows you a selective smoothening on the skin tone areas of the picture, rather than to waste time on smoothing the whole photo. The built-in Auto-Mask feature is what makes this plugin one of the best on the market because it will assist you in automatically discovering most of the skin tone range within the photo. It can take longer if you decide to fine tune it manually, but in return, you will get optimal results, combined with productivity and high precision.


The Imagenomic Portraiture Plugin is created to enhance the quality of your photos, but also to save you a lot of time, because after all, the time is money. Although it has a bit tricky interface, it’s still a must for either pro or amateur photographers, whether you use Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture.

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