Instantly Take Your Photos To The Next Level With Imagenomic Portraiture

Create Gorgeous Images with Photoshop and Imagenomic Portraiture
August 2, 2017
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June 13, 2023

Instantly Take Your Photos To The Next Level With Imagenomic Portraiture


Your pictures and selfies are always beautiful, and they’ve got a lot of likes on every social network, but you are still looking for a way to improve them? You tried with few plugins and results are not satisfying, at least you just pan out to ruin the photo. Maybe it is time to check a special plugin by Imagenomic and enhance already excellent photos with Imagenomic Portraiture.

What is Imagenomic Portraiture plugin?

This is a plugin specially made to work with portraits, helping you with smoothness and texture, at the same time allowing you to be faster and more precise. A very compelling and realistic, it is produced for Photoshop, Aperture, and Lightroom.

How does it work?

The interface is quite tricky and confusing, but after a while, you will get into it – there are all standard options needed for professional work. You can separately adjust saturation, hue, and luminance, and in a distinct Enhancements panel, you will find sliders for brightness, contrast, brightness, and sharpness. You can manually set the range of each one, but also you can select one of offered presets. Sometimes they will do a job, but if you aren’t satisfied with the result, there is an option to save your own presets.

You can create a mask by yourself, or you can let the program to do it for you – it will detect the skin on the photo and create the mask, but you can also tweak the range of this automatic skin cover. Indeed, this will improve your speed and give you time to concentrate on retouching.


How to enhance photos with this tool?

To help you enhance photos by using Imagenomic Portraiture plugin, we will give you a couple of councils:
• Always be careful with the threshold – and this mainly means you don’t need a lot of smoothing filter on your photo. Smoothing is necessary, but if you put it too much, you will lose the natural texture, and your photo will be blurred (you will notice this when you zoom in the picture). It is better to get a Fine slider to zero (this will add a subtle contrast) and then put a threshold just a little but still enough to get a clear, beautiful skin.
• Be creative with the Enhancements panel and save your presets – with the sliders in the Enhancements panel you can literally do whatever you want and it all depends on your needs. You can adjust sharpness, put on more or less brightness and in the end, when you are pleased with results – save the preset. This is important because this saved preset will potentially work on every next photo with the same skin on. And if you want, you can always change values slightly and adapt it to match well.



• Efficient and powerful plugin, specially made for smoothing your portraits with an excellent output quality
• Does your work faster and saves time
• Nice Enhancements panel with a lot of options and automatic presets


• The interface is quite tricky at first sight
• A bit pricey


Maybe you will pay more than you wanted to, but you can surely enhance beautiful photos with Imagenomic Portraiture plugin. It has a good output quality and it will save your time and energy. Great tool for pros and beginners, too

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