The Most Powerful Way to Remove Acne From Your Photos Fast! Imagenomic Portraiture

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June 6, 2017
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The Most Powerful Way to Remove Acne From Your Photos Fast! Imagenomic Portraiture


Acne can be the worst enemy of every beautiful face, especially when you’ve shot a tremendous photo on your perfect vacation. You were just about to put it on the Instagram when you’ve noticed that ugly little acne on your face. Surely you don’t want them to ruin your perfect selfie and, of course, there are ways to solve this problem. All you need is the Imagenomic Portraiture plug-in for a Photoshop (also works on Lightroom and Aperture) to remove acne from your photos.


Get the Imagenomic Portraiture and learn how to use it (it’s easy)

Imagenomic Portraiture is a specially made plug-in for a Photoshop, and it is a stern tool for professional photographers. So if you are an ordinary person with no experience, you will struggle at first, but while you’re learning how to use it, this great plug-in will marvel you more and more.

Because it is produced for skin smoothing, Imagenomic Portraiture is the best tool if you want to remove acne or any other blemishes from your photos. You can choose from a variety of presets to improve your skin tone, but also you can do it manually and pick up the best range for every slider you want.

Be creative, try different things, and explore the opportunities of this marvelous plug-in. But if you want an instant success then we will tell how to do it.

How to remove acne from photos with an Imagenomic Portraiture

If you want to remove acne from your photos fast and successfully just follow these steps:

  •    After you installed a Portraiture plug-in you can open it from Filter>Imagenomic>Portraiture, and then select a default setting in the preset menu which is in the left top corner
  •    Under the preset menu, you will see a Detail Smoothing panel with some sliders. Put the Fine slider to a minimum value, and this will give a nice smoothness to your skin. Leave the Medium slider to a zero and put a Large slider to a maximum range. After that, use the threshold slider and define the amount of the filter you need to reach the ideal smoothness (be careful with a threshold because the too much of it will blur the photo).
  •    Next panel is Skin Tones Mask, and it is better to choose automatic masking than to do it yourself. After that, select the color range of reds and then use the Hue and Saturation sliders to quickly detect parts of the face with acne, which will be affected later in the process (this is the best way to reduce a red color, and this is important when it comes to acne removing). Be gentle with these sliders because you want to keep your photo realistic.


  •   After all these are done, you need to do some manual work with a Spot Healing Brush Tool. Open a new layer and start with a painting that detected acne on your photo. You will be surprised how effective this tool is.


With the Imagenomic Portraiture, you will easily remove acne from your photos or any other blemishes. If Houston wedding photographers use it for enhancing photos every day, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

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